Stop press: Andi is having a break from from doing the life classes for a while, but check out and follow the blog for occasional new pieces about art things.

Welcome to Andi’s life drawing class website. Classes are held in the art studio at The Swarthmore Centre, Leeds.

Life drawing is a great way to explore and experiment with all the media and techniques which modernist artists have used during the last century.

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Using the model of Basic Design* the classes try to help students in three ways ~ Improve observational skills ~ Encourage students to experiment with familiar and unusual media and techniques, valuing surprising results and intuitive mark making ~ Use the work of artists from the modernist movements and earlier to prompt possible directions for adventurous exploration.

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Click on ‘About classes‘ for details of The Swarthmore Centre and the drawing classes there. * Also find out about the story of Basic Design and the part that Leeds played.

David Mellor, from the evening class has kept a blog of his work in the sessions and other stuff, it’s excellent, have a look. His site’s called https://dangercreative.wordpress.com

Beth Smith has been developing and drawing new work from exercises she’s done in class, you can find this and other good things on her website. Click on this to connect.     https://bethsmithartist.wordpress.com

During the summer term at Swarthmore Andi will do a series of urban landscape drawing classes. Here’s the link https://urbanswarthmore.wordpress.com